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Fall 2014


A Discussion with Ken Bronowski | The Calumet Roundtable - 261


In this episode, host Tom Roach, Ph.D sits down with Ken Bronowski, former member of the band Skafsh and accomplished musician in the Chicagoland area to discuss his career in music and art. Bronowski has played all over the globe in large and small venues and has created a variety of music and artwork that is considered one a kind.

Women in the World of Physics | The Calumet Roundtable - 259


In this epside, guest host Neil Nemeth, Ph.D. sits down with Dr. Neeti Parashar to discuss the role that women have played in the world of physics and science. Dr. Neeti Parashar was recently nominated for 2016 Influential Woman of the Year for the "Up and Coming" women category. She explains the significance of this achievement and how her career has prospered.

Discussion on Ebola | The Calumet Roundtable - 257


In this episode, Calumet Roundtable regulars, Tom Roach, Ph.D., Lee Artz, Ph.D., and Neil Nemeth, Ph.D. discuss the Ebola outbreak and the news media's coverage of it. They examine how much of what is being reported and what the coverage means. All three of them have varying views on the role of the media in filtering out the facts and what is done to simply speculate instead of research.

American Burying Beetle | The Calumet Roundtable - 260


In this episode host Tom Roach, Ph.D. speaks with Dr. Curtis Creighton about the Keystone pipeline and the habitat of the American Burying Beetle. His research has taken a look at the important process that these species of beetle have had on the environment. Dr. Curtis Creighton also brought some of the specimens in to be examined on set.

Discussion on Global Media | The Calumet Roundtable - 258


In this episode host Tom Roach, Ph. D. sits down with co-host Lee Artz, Ph.D. to discuss his new book, Global Entertainment Media, A Critical Introduction. Both men examine the role of media and the growing monopoly that many media groups have in the entertainment industry. Dr. Artz explains the conflict and distrust that can emerge when global media groups saturate a market.

Social Class w/ Dr. William Pelz | The Calumet Roundtable - 256


In this episode Dr. William Pelz discusses the struggles that "middle" and "lower" classes have. He explains the various differences between capitalism and it's effect on social classes. Host, Lee Artz, Ph.D. asks him about his new book and the impact of Eugene V. Debs and socialism.

History of Birth Control | The Calumet Roundtable - 255


In this episode, host Thomas Roach Ph.D. sits down with Kathleen Tobin, Ph.D. to discuss the importance of birth control in society and in particular in American culture. Dr. Tobin explains the strife that women had to go through to get birth control and how even today there are many groups that seek to stop women from being able to obtain affordable health care and birth control.

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