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Spring 2015


The Welcome Project w/ Allison Schuette & Liz Wuerffel | The Calumet Roundtable - 271


In this episode Allison Schuette and Liz Wuerffel join host, Dr. Lee Artz, to discuss the "Welcome Project" and focus on the engaging the community and the process of expanding interactions between students, teachers and those within the community. The project is the study of "belonging" and the difference of views by students from around the globe.

The Technology of Cell Phones | The Calumet Roundtable - 269


Besma Smida, Ph.D, joins host Tom Roach, Ph.D to discuss the rapid changing of the cellular phone industry. How the technology has transformed our lives and how some ways it's invaded our privacy. Dr. Smida is an Associate Professor at UIC specializing in electrical & computer engineering. They delve into how the cell phone has changed the lives of people around the world and how it's driving innovation within the field of computer sciences.


Charlie Hebdo Attack | The Calumet Roundtable - 267


Dr. Tom Roach and Dr. Lee Artz discuss the issues concerning the attacks on the satirical French newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, and the issues concerning the French paper itself. One of the things they focus in on as the differences between these satirical cartoons and general public debate and discussion.

Poetry's Many Forms | The Calumet Roundtable - 265


In this episode, guest host Professor Francour-Schmidt interviews Dr. Michael Dobberstein over his career as a poetry student and professor. They discuss the differences between reading poetry and reciting poetry. Dr. Dobberstein explains why poetry can be perceived differently depending on how it's heard.

Social Relations & Stratification | The Calumet Roundtable - 263


In this episode, Dr. Alan Spector, joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D to discuss social and racial relations in places like India and Tanzania. They examine how the cultures of these countries effect the growth of different relations and Dr. Spector explains exactly what stratification is and how it's had a lasting effect on the global culture.


Ecosystems w/ Meredith Nevers | The Calumet Roundtable - 270


In this episode, Dr. Lee Artz sits down with Meredith Nevers, a microbial biologist to discuss the various changes in ecosystems. Meredith Nevers explains her experience within the field and how Indiana's ecosystem has changed as well as the global changes within the past few decades. The discussion of science and the media's understanding of it permeates this episode.

Muslim Theater & Film | The Calumet Roundtable - 268


In this episode, Lee Arts, Ph.D sits down with Dr. George Potter to discuss the history and influence of Muslim Theater and Film. They examine the cultural differences between traditional American cinema and the films of Muslim nations. Dr. George Potter explains the importance of these films to our society and to understanding cultural differences across the globe.

The Violent Season | The Calumet Roundtable - 266


 In this episode, host Tom Roach, Ph.D talks with Dr. Raymond Gleason about his book "The Violent Season". They examine the subject of the book, the Vietnam War and the effect it had on the people who had tours of duty during that difficult time. Dr. Gleason sheds some light on how the "grunts" saw the war from the ground up.

Life of Belgian Women & Culture | The Calumet Roundtable - 264


In this episode, host Tom Roach, Ph.D. with Tanya Stabler Miller, Ph.D about 13th century Belgian women. She explains how these women were inspired by the gospels and went to educate and help those in poverty. These women take this upon themselves and have come through as a result of productive city structures.

News Integrity & Accuracy | The Calumet Roundtable - 262


In this episode hosts Tom Roach, Ph.D. and Lee Artz, Ph.D. discuss the effect the media has had on news coverage and how much a profit has disrupted the integrity of news as it relates to accuracy and research. They examine Brian Williams NBC news anchor, who conflated a story about his participation in an attack during the Iraq war.​