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Spring 2016


Venezuelan Media & Hugo Chavez w/ Katrina Kozarek | The Calumet Roundtable - 291


On this episode of "The Calumet Roundtable," host Tyler Bush, graduate teaching assistant at Purdue University Calumet, and guest Katrina Kozarek, communal media activist and documentary filmmaker, discuss the U.S. and Venezuelan coverage of the attempted coup d'état of Hugo Chavez in 2002 and the emergence of alternative community media in Venezuela as a result. Kozarek says that after seeing media manipulation in the U.S. she felt the need to take the camera into her own hands. Bush and Kozarek discuss media as communication versus media as manipulation, representations of women in Venezuelan media, and how to motivate people to move away from capitalist ideals.

Green Capitalism w/ Jerry Harris | The Calumet Roundtable - 288


Jerry Harris, National Secretary of the Global Studies Association, analyze the issues of the environmental problems such as global warming and the decrease of natural resources. The main issue that is discussed within the episode is the economic market and how the market could be fixed more beneficially to aid the world environmentally.

Heuristic Problem Solving vs. Rational Problem Solving | The Calumet Roundtable - 286


On this episode of “The Calumet Roundtable,” guest David Pick, Professor of Psychology, talks about his own personal study on horses and the difference of heuristic and rational problem-solving. Pick uses different colors to test a horse’s reaction whether it be more attracted to the colors or more distant from the colors. He also uses his research to help evaluate why an individual may pick a specific candidate when voting compared to the opposing candidate.

Dance as Philosophical Literature | The Calumet Roundtable - 284


In this episode of “The Calumet Roundtable,” host Dr. Tom Roach, and guest Dr. Renee Conroy, professor of Philosophy specializing in aesthetics and metaphysics, discuss the aesthetics of dance. Conroy received a Fulbright Award in 2014 for a project titled “Recovering the Moving Past: Philosophy and Dance Reconstruction; Philosophical Issues in Dance Performance.”

Media in Venezuela w/ Jesus Rodriguez | The Calumet Roundtable - 290


On this episode of "The Calumet Roundtable," Jesus Rodriguez, Consul General for Venezuela in Chicago, discuss the media in Venezuela as well as political unrest in the country. Rodriguez was a part of the alternative media movement in Venezuela in 2002. This movement started because the people thought the mass media in Venezuela did not properly cover the coup de'tat attempt on Hugo Chavez. Roach and Rodriguez also talk about the portrayal of Venezuela in the United States in 2014 during and after protests in Venezuela by right-wing groups. Roach asks Rodriguez whether the government has a hand in what the media reports.

Telenovelas in Brazil and Latin America | The Calumet Roundtable - 287


Guest Samantha Joyce, Professor of Mass Communication at Indiana University South Bend, brings up the topic and issue of gender and equality issues in Brazil and Latin America. Joyce talks about the many problems that citizens of Brazil and Latin America live with every day and the troubles they live with. One of the points brought up is the Telenovelas, a series of serious television shows that show real-life events that occur for everyday people of Brazil and Latin America.

French Music in 1960s and 1970s | The Calumet Roundtable - 285


On this episode of “The Calumet Roundtable,” the topic of French music culture in the 1960s and 1970s is evaluated by guest Jonathyne Briggs, Associate Professor of History at Indiana University Northwest. A comparison between American and French music culture is discussed with important figures such as The Beatles and Elvis Presley are brought up to contrast the differences between the two cultures at the time.

Trust in Law Enforcement | The Calumet Roundtable - 283


This week’s discussion with Howard Cohen, professor of philosophy and chancellor emeritus of Purdue University Calumet, centers on the moral dimension of police work. Cohen co-wrote a book titled “Power & Restraint: The Moral Dimension of Police Work” (Praeger, 1991) with Michael Feldberg in which they discuss the responsibilities police have in accepting the authority to govern society. Host Tom Roach, asks Cohen to explain the system of ethical standards discussed in his book: fair access, public trust, safety and security, teamwork, and objectivity. Roach compares police work the public sees in movies to real-life police work, asking if the public really trusts the police. ​

The History of the Guitar in Music | The Calumet Roundtable - 282


In this episode of “The Calumet Roundtable,” host Tom Roach, talks guitars and history with guitar expert Ken Bronowski, continuing lecturer at Purdue University Northwest. Bronowski has toured with The Police and was a member of the band Skafish in the 1980s. He asks, “Where did guitars come from?” “Why did guitars become so popular?” and “How did they come to America?”