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Fall 2017

The Roundtable Perspective 114 - Shayna Silverstein


Shayna Silverstein, Ph.D., an assistant professor at Northwestern University joins host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D. to discuss Ethnomusicology and the politics and aesthetics of music in the Middle East, particularly as it relates to the conflict in Syria. Dr. Silverstein has dedicated her life to the study of music and its relationship to culture, she received her bachelors at Yale University and her Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology at the University of Chicago.

The Roundtable Perspective 110 - Theresa Carilli


Theresa Carilli, Ph.D., Professor of Communication at Purdue University Northwest joins host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D. to discuss the recent controversies with sexual harassment. Dr. Carilli has written several books on the roles of women in the media and she discusses how there may be more at stake here than just a few isolated incidents, but a complete culture shift in the workplace.

The Roundtable Perspective 108 - Lee Artz


Lee Artz, Ph.D., co-host of The Roundtable Perspective joins host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D. to discuss his recent trip to Cuba and the media access and political power in Latin America. Dr. Artz reveals the differences in how media is portrayed in Latin America and how those struggles may have lasting ramifications.

The Roundtable Perspective - 113 - Dr. Suzet McKinney


Dr. Suzet McKinney, CEO/Executive Director of the Illinois Medical District joins host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D. to discuss Illinois Medical District as well as her role as Deputy Commissioner of the Bureau of Public Health Preparedness and Emergency Response at the Chicago Department of Public Health where she oversees emergency preparedness for natural and man-made disasters.

The Roundtable Perspective 109 - James Pula


James Pula, Ph.D., Professor of History and Philosophy at Purdue University Northwest joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D. to discuss immigration through a historical context. Dr. Pula points to the changing opinions of the American populace of immigrants throughout the history of the country and how that dynamic has shifted in modern society.

The Roundtable Perspective 107 - Tony Sindone


Tony Sindone, Clinical Assistant Professor of Finance and Economic Development at Purdue University Northwest joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D. for a spirited debate on economic policy and the value of money. Mr. Sindone has the unique philosophy that currency is a social construct but may not represent reality.

The Roundtable Perspective 106 - Katherine Moore Powell


Dr. Katherine Moore Powell, Climate Ecologist from the Chicago Field Museum, joins host Lee Artz Ph.D. to discuss climate change and it’s effect on Northwest Indiana and the Indiana Dunes. Dr. Moore Powell explains how the Karner blue butterfly's impending extinction has a negative effect on many different ecosystems.

The Roundtable Perspective 105 - David Pick


Dr. David Pick, Professor of Psychology and Interim Department Head of Psychology at Purdue University Northwest, joins host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D. to discuss his experiments with horses and goldfish to try and prove they are capable of having a familiarity bias. Dr. Pick explains the differences between heuristic and rational problem solving and how cognition is a factor in a condition that is not only seen in animals but humans as well.

The Roundtable Perspective 104 - Dr. Kim Scipes


Dr. Kim Scipes, Associate Professor of Sociology at Purdue University Northwest, joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D to discuss his experiences teaching Qualitative Research Methods at Ton Duc Thang University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam during the summer of 2017. Dr. Scipes also explains how globalization has caused changes in places like Vietnam and how it influenced his most recent book “Building Global Labor Solidarity in a Time of Accelerating Globalization”.

The Roundtable Perspective 103 - Gary Mills


Pinnacle Performance Company co-founder G. Riley Mills joins host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D to discuss his book, "The Pin Drop Principle," and how CEOs can better convey their message by changing how they communicate. Mills has experience teaching communication through an actor’s approach and has taught his unique methods around the globe.

The Roundtable Perspective 102 - W.F. Santiago-Valles


Dr. W.F. Santiago-Valles, professor emeritus in Africana Studies at Western Michigan University joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D to discuss African Diaspora, the consequences of globalization and the effect on Caribbean culture. During his time as director of the Race & Ethnic Relations Institute, Dr. Santiago-Valles conducted research on power inequities in race and the lasting ramifications of globalization.

The Roundtable Perspective 101- Dr. Catherine M. Gillotti- Bad News Delivery in Healthcare


Dr. Catherine M. Gillotti an Associate Professor of Communication at Purdue University Northwest joins host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D to discuss the delivery of bad news from an emotional, ethical, and humanistic approach. Dr. Gillotti has done research focusing on the doctor-patient relationship with respect to health outcomes and is currently researching the effect of how bad news delivery correlates to treatment and survival.

The Roundtable Perspective 112 - Pemon Rami Part 2


Pemon Rami, an international film director and creative activist once again joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D. to discuss his career as one of the African American pioneers of cinema. Pemon Rami explains his most recent films, 93 Days, which was shot in Nigeria and tells the story of a Nigerian physician who played a key role in the containment of Ebola in Nigeria.

Spring 2017

Trump versus The Media | Calumet Roundtable - 307


It's a new era of media, as the President of the United States, has declared war on the news media. Has the discourse between media and government completely fallen apart? In this episode of the Calumet Roundtable, guests Carolyn Boiarsky, Ph.D. and Jim Martinez discuss with host Tom Roach, Ph.D, how media has changed with the Trump presidency.

Standing Rock | The Calumet Roundtable - 305


Guests Dr. Eve Bottando and Jessica Renslow discuss their new documentary exploring the Standing Rock protests and the connection to Northwest Indiana.

Black Lives Matter | Calumet Roundtable - 304


Can common ground be found between Black Lives Matter activists and the police departments across the nation? Dr. Lee Artz, Ph.D., tries to get to the heart of the issue as he discusses with Ja'Mal Green, an activist and CEO of the Majostee Allstars, and Glen Brooks, interior coordinator of the Chicago Police Department.

Aging Presidents | Calumet Roundtable - 306


The new President is 70 years old. Does that have an effect on his performance? How have Presidents historically dealt with age and the ailments that come with it? In this episode of the Calumet Roundtable, Dr. Ralph Cherry, Associate Professor of Sociology uses his experience in Gerontology to explain how being 70 years old and the President means something different than it did in the past. Host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D, asks Cherry how much of a factor age can be in such a stressful position.

Presidential Election Aftermath | The Calumet Roundtable - 303


Donald Trump is the President... How did all the pundits, including Dr. Dan Dunn get it so wrong? In this episode of the Calumet Roundtable, host Tom Roach and his guest Dr. Dan Dunn discuss the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election.

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