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Spring 2020

Kawergosk: Home Made of Cloth - The Roundtable Perspective 317 w/Guest Elizabeth Wuerffel
Hip-Hop and Culture - The Roundtable Perspective 318
w/Guest George Villanueva

Elizabeth Wuerffel, Associate Professor of Art at Valparaiso University and documentary filmmaker joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D. to discuss the plight of Syrian refugees in Iraq as well as her documentary and experience making it in this troubled region.

George Villanueva, Associate Professor of Advocacy and Social Change at Loyola University Chicago joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D. to discuss the rise of hip hop music and the impact on culture and the changes in modern times.

Star Wars and Religion - The Roundtable Perspective 319 w/Guest Russell Johnson
Human Rights Naming and Shaming - The Roundtable Perspective 316 w/Guest Rochelle Terman

IRussell Johnson, Divinity Teaching Fellow at the University of Chicago joins host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D. to discuss the films in the Star Wars franchise and how they relate to stories of mythology and religion.

Rochelle Terman, Ph.D., Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Political Science at the University of Chicago, joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D. to discuss human rights and how to make them more effective in the social media age.

2020 Election Media Framing - The Roundtable Perspective 314 w/Guest Lee Artz

Lee Artz, Ph.D., Professor of Media Studies, joins host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D. on a special episode of The Roundtable Perspective to discuss media framing in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Olive Oil: The Story of Palestine - The Roundtable Perspective 315 w/Guest Lila Sharif

Lila Sharif, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Asian American Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D. to discuss Palestine’s struggle to be recognized and how exporting olive oil is one way to keep the history of the region in the minds of Americans.

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