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2020 Election Media Framing - The Roundtable Perspective 314 w/Guest Lee Artz

Lee Artz, Ph.D., Professor of Media Studies, joins host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D. on a special episode of The Roundtable Perspective to discuss media framing in the 2020 Presidential Election.


Primo Levi and Holocaust Literature - The Roundtable Perspective 303 w/Guest Jonathan Druker
Consolidated Press - The Roundtable Perspective 304
w/Guest Lee Artz

Johnathan Druker, Ph.D., Professor of Italian at Illinois State University, joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D. to discuss author Primo Levi and the changing attitudes toward post-war hollocaust literature and poetry.

Lee Artz, Ph.D., Professor of Media Studies from Purdue Northwest, joins host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D. for a special episode on media framing and the effect of centralized news gathering services such as Reuters and the Associated Press.

Social Media Smackdown - The Roundtable Perspective 305 w/Guest Cory Barker

Cory Barker, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Communication at Bradley University, joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D. to discuss the rise of social media platforms becoming content creators and how Facebook and Netflix battle media giants like WWE and NBC.

Media Censorship - The Roundtable Perspective 311
w/Guest Steve Macek

Steve Macek, Ph.D., Professor of Communication and Chair of the Department of Communication and Media Studies as North Central College, joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D. to discuss the effects of censorship of media outlets and how even non-traditional media like Facebook often are censored in ways unknown to the public.

Junk Food News - The Roundtable Perspective 312
w/Guest Steve Macek

Steve Macek, Ph.D., Professor of Communication and Chair of the Department of Communication and Media Studies as North Central College, joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D. to discuss “junk food” news and how often unimportant fluff stories get more media coverage than issues that require critical thinking.

H.P. Lovecraft and the Cult of Cthulhu - The Roundtable Perspective 222 w/Dennis H. Barbour

Dennis H. Barbour, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English at Purdue Northwest, joins host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D. to discuss the works of H.P. Lovecraft and his continuing influence on the science fiction genre.

Anthologies in American Television - The Roundtable Perspective 226 w/Guest Molly A. Schneider
Asians as "Orientals" in Cinema - The Roundtable Perspective 225 w/Guest Karla Rae Fuller

Molly A. Schneider, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Cinema and Television Arts at Columbia College Chicago, joins host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D. to discuss the diverse landscape of television and the impact on society that anthology shows and block programming have had.

Karla Rae Fuller, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Columbia College Chicago, joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D. to discuss the treatment of Asians in cinema as “Oriental” characters. Dr. Fuller discusses the changing landscape of film and how Asians have been portrayed.

The Killing of Strangers - The Roundtable Perspective 227 w/Guest Jerry G. Holt

Jerry Q. Holt, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English at Purdue Northwest, joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D. to discuss his time as a playwright, his novel “The Killing of Strangers” and the impact of crime novels in literature.


A Pedagogy of Witnessing - The Roundtable Perspective 201 w/Guest Lindsay Hingst

Lindsay Hingst, Ph.D., Professor of Rhetoric at Purdue Northwest joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D. to discuss "A Pedagogy of Witnessing: Linguistic and Visual Frames of the Dark Side in the Multimodal Classroom" and how her research can apply to in-classroom lessons.

Ethnography of Communication - The Roundtable Perspective 206 w/Guest Michaela Winchatz

Michaela Winchatz, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Communication at DePaul University, joins host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D. to discuss cultural understanding of communication and how people within the media have to adjust how they communicate based on topics of conversation.

Protest Perception - The Roundtable Perspective 209
w/Guest Danielle Kilgo
The Roundtable Perspective 117 - Sean Johnson Andrews

Danielle K. Kilgo, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Journalism at Indiana University Media School, joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D. to discuss protests against injustice and how the media frames these protests. Several movements are looked at including the protests in Ferguson, Missouri and Charlottesville, Virginia.

Sean Johnson Andrews, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies at Columbia College Chicago joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D. to discuss the role of the media and communications technologies as it relates to popular culture and how corporations like Disney are controlling the culture narrative within everyday life.

The Roundtable Perspective 118 - Rhon Teruelle

Dr. Rhon Teruelle, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication and Social Media at Purdue University Northwest joins host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D. to discuss the role of social media and youth activism and the changing face of social activism thanks to new forms of media. Dr. Teruelle studied the Québec student strike of 2012 and how social media was able to influence change and compares that to current social media activism movements.

Internet Privacy and Governance - The Roundtable Perspective 126

Dmitry Epstein, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Digital Policy at University of Illinois at Chicago joins host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D. to discuss how internet privacy and the fallacy of protection. Dr. Epstein has studied the history of the internet and expresses his expertise on internet governance and oversight.


The Roundtable Perspective 110 - Theresa Carilli

Theresa Carilli, Ph.D., Professor of Communication at Purdue University Northwest joins host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D. to discuss the recent controversies with sexual harassment. Dr. Carilli has written several books on the roles of women in the media and she discusses how there may be more at stake here than just a few isolated incidents, but a complete culture shift in the workplace.

The Roundtable Perspective 108 - Lee Artz

Lee Artz, Ph.D., co-host of The Roundtable Perspective joins host Thomas J. Roach, Ph.D. to discuss his recent trip to Cuba and the media access and political power in Latin America. Dr. Artz reveals the differences in how media is portrayed in Latin America and how those struggles may have lasting ramifications.

Trump versus The Media | Calumet Roundtable - 307

It's a new era of media, as the President of the United States, has declared war on the news media. Has the discourse between media and government completely fallen apart? In this episode of the Calumet Roundtable, guests Carolyn Boiarsky, Ph.D. and Jim Martinez discuss with host Tom Roach, Ph.D, how media has changed with the Trump presidency.


Academic Publishing w/ Dr. Rob Hallock | The Calumet Roundtable - 295

In this episode of “The Calumet Roundtable,” host Dr. Tom Roach interviews Dr. Robert Hallock, Associate Professor of Psychology at Purdue University Northwest. They discuss what it takes to be an academic publisher. It's been said that Dr. Robert Hallock has a "golden" touch of being published and gives tips on how to get academic articles published. In addition, he reveals how his fascination of mushrooms and how otters smell have landed him numerous publications. Hallock details his findings and explains the ins and outs of publishing.


Venezuelan Media & Hugo Chavez w/ Katrina Kozarek | The Calumet Roundtable - 291

On this episode of "The Calumet Roundtable," host Tyler Bush, graduate teaching assistant at Purdue University Calumet, and guest Katrina Kozarek, communal media activist and documentary filmmaker, discuss the U.S. and Venezuelan coverage of the attempted coup d'état of Hugo Chavez in 2002 and the emergence of alternative community media in Venezuela as a result. Kozarek says that after seeing media manipulation in the U.S. she felt the need to take the camera into her own hands. Bush and Kozarek discuss media as communication versus media as manipulation, representations of women in Venezuelan media, and how to motivate people to move away from capitalist ideals.

Media in Venezuela w/ Jesus Rodriguez | The Calumet Roundtable - 290

On this episode of "The Calumet Roundtable," Jesus Rodriguez, Consul General for Venezuela in Chicago, discuss the media in Venezuela as well as political unrest in the country. Rodriguez was a part of the alternative media movement in Venezuela in 2002. This movement started because the people thought the mass media in Venezuela did not properly cover the coup de'tat attempt on Hugo Chavez. Roach and Rodriguez also talk about the portrayal of Venezuela in the United States in 2014 during and after protests in Venezuela by right-wing groups. Roach asks Rodriguez whether the government has a hand in what the media reports.


Fandom Discussion w/ Dr. Paul Booth | The Calumet Roundtable - 280

Join us as your host Lee Artz welcomes Paul Booth, Ph.D., associate professor of Media and Cinema Studies at DePaul University, to "The Calumet Roundtable." The scholars discuss fandom, social media, and what it means to be a fan. Booth discusses two types of fans and answers the question, "Is fandom lazy?" Find out why some movies bomb at the box office, while others swim in success, and what makes "Supernatural" and "Star Trek" enticing to fans. Grab some friends, and join the conversation. Be a proud fan of "The Calumet Roundtable"! We saved you a seat.

Stereotyping in Media w/ Dr. Theresa Carilli | The Calumet Roundtable - 279

This week on “The Calumet Roundtable,” join host Tom Roach as he welcomes guest Dr. Theresa Carilli, media scholar, playwright, and professor at Purdue University Calumet. As an author of a number of anthologies regarding depictions and representations in the media, Carilli provides unique insight as the two discuss stereotypes and the need for counterbalancing images in the media. Both host and guest dive into their own cultural backgrounds and discuss their opinions on representations in successful films such as "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Carilli’s interest in “performance as a technique” as well as “nostalgia as a language”.

Media & the Public Interest w/ Dr. Eve Bottando | The Calumet Roundtable - 275

Do your #selfie a favor, and join the conversation as your host Dr. Lee Artz welcomes Dr. Eve Bottando to "The Calumet Roundtable"! Engaging her students by meeting them where they are just one part of Bottando’s strategy to encourage them to participate in the creation of their communities. Google’s process of digitizing libraries under the aesthetic of public interest is compared to Brewster Kahle’s publicly accessible Internet Archive. Further addressing her concern for media and the public interest, Bottando poses the question, “What does the cultural uptake of selfies do?” Artz challenges the power of the selfie as a political statement, stating the expressive, yet self-indulgent act is a limiting way of being human.

Digital Humanities w/ Dr. Steven Jones | The Calumet Roundtable - 273

This week on “The Calumet Roundtable,” guest Dr. Steven Jones chats with host Dr. Lee Artz about the meaning and history of digital humanities, the constraints and possibilities of Twitter, and Loyola University’s Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities. They also discuss Dr. Jones’ upcoming book “Roberto Busa, S.J., and the Emergence of Humanities Computing: The Priest and the Punched Cards.” The book is about Italian Jesuit scholar Roberto Busa’s work with IBM in what many people say was the founding of humanities computing. Jones uses Busa’s papers, the IBM archives, and other sources to explore Busa’s work from 1949 to 1959.

News Integrity & Accuracy | The Calumet Roundtable - 262

In this episode hosts Tom Roach, Ph.D. and Lee Artz, Ph.D. discuss the effect the media has had on news coverage and how much a profit has disrupted the integrity of news as it relates to accuracy and research. They examine Brian Williams NBC news anchor, who conflated a story about his participation in an attack during the Iraq war.​


Discussion on Global Media | The Calumet Roundtable - 258
Discussion on Ebola | The Calumet Roundtable - 257

In this episode host Tom Roach, Ph. D. sits down with co-host Lee Artz, Ph.D. to discuss his new book, Global Entertainment Media, A Critical Introduction. Both men examine the role of media and the growing monopoly that many media groups have in the entertainment industry. Dr. Artz explains the conflict and distrust that can emerge when global media groups saturate a market.

In this episode, Calumet Roundtable regulars, Tom Roach, Ph.D., Lee Artz, Ph.D., and Neil Nemeth, Ph.D. discuss the Ebola outbreak and the news media's coverage of it. They examine how much of what is being reported and what the coverage means. All three of them have varying views on the role of the media in filtering out the facts and what is done to simply speculate instead of research.

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