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Meet Our Crew


Jake Giles
Editor/Technical Coordinator

“I enjoy getting to see new students come in and get a full experience in producing a television program and getting the opportunity to work in a high stress environment. I think our students have strived in a lot of different circumstances and have been able to create a show that does not look like a student produced program.”

Lucie Ashmore
Show Producer

“Having taken the class twice already, both as audio director and director, seeing is now from a producing standpoint is so different. It has opened my eyes to the true background side of things. I’ve always loved working on the show and getting to come back now as a grad is even better.”

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Mary Beth O'Connor
Course Professor & Supervising Producer

"I love teaching the Practicum in Media Communication course because it allows me to work closely with my students. This semester's Practicum students has been a particular privilege because I was able to witness my students overcome so many obstacles due to the pandemic."

Production Team

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Bradley Knight
Camera 1/Floor Director

“I am the camera 1 operator on the second crew, we have two crews. I really value the opportunity to be camera 1 operator and I think It will affect my resume for the better.”

Ismael Juarez
Camera 2 Operator

“I am in charge of getting visuals on the guests. This is actually one class that gives you hands-on learning.”

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Lucas Dieguez
Audio Director

“With [The Roundtable Perspective] being a talk show, without audio, you have nothing. We do live editing and make sure their levels don’t peak and make sure [the audio] sounds good.

Joel Juarez
Audio Director

“I value teamwork and having the connection with everyone. I have to control the audio and maintain the levels so everything sounds good.”

Sonny Santana
Camera 1/Floor Director

“I maintain the shot between the hosts and guests for the majority of the show. I value the experience from the class especially because I want to be in T.V. broadcasting.”

Madison Dinga

“I had to take on both the role of the director and the switcher for this semester due to COVID-19, so I am learning two jobs at once.  I communicate with the whole control room as well as the studio.”

Kevin Casey
Camera 2 Operator

“I think this is a really unique experience that I don’t think I would get at any other university. As a camera 2 operator, I frame the guests. It's nice being able to film someone new every week.”

Stephaine Cordova
Floor Director

“As the floor director, I help things run more smoothly by getting the director’s directions out. The class has given me more hands on learning and experience.”

Assistant Producers

Deja Cain
Assistant Producer

"As an assistant producer, I research and pitch a minimum of 2 guests per week, that I think will be a good fit for The Round Table Perspective."

Justus Perkins
Assistant Producer

 "I enjoy being about to understand the behind the scenes aspect of the show. Also being able to pick the guests that are on the site is pretty nice. we are the people who scholarly find the guests for the show, and we create options for show topics."

Nancy Vega
Assistant Producer

“I had the opportunity to learn my own strengths and weaknesses in a collaborative setting. As an assistant producer, I discussed interesting topics for our show with my teammates and researched potential guests.”

Advertising Team

Megan Wolski
Advertising Leader

“Our team is creating an IMC plan that I will be able to use in my portfolio for future job interviews. I love the connections I’ve made in the class and I can say I’ve learned an incredible amount about advertising.”

Hannah Sawyer
Advertising Team

“I value the teamwork it takes to accomplish our goals. My position brings word out about the show in creative ways.”

Tyler Judon
Advertising Team

“I value the opportunity to experience the advertising side of media production. I believe that understanding gives you a greater appreciation for all the work that goes on outside of yourself to produce a show.”

Social Media Team

Chris Manning
Social Media Leader

“I am the leader of the social media team and I think my position helps lead my team on each social media platform. I value the experience that I’m getting that I’ll actually use in the field.”

Genesis Price
Social Media Team

“I spread awareness and control the facebook aspect of social media. What I value the most from the class is the hands on experience.”

Ethan Bukowski
Social Media Team

“The class gives real life work experience. My position on the social media team helps promote the show to people who may have not known about it before and who may be interested in working on the show.”

Multimedia Team

Tom Duncan
Multimedia Leader

“The multimedia team is setting the tone for a multiyear project. We are really trying to tell the story of the COM department and the people within it.”

Valerie Plinovich
Multimedia Team

“This class is giving up hands on experience. The multimedia team’s purpose is to expand on the knowledge of how the show and the COM department came to be.”

Kendall Beckman
Multimedia Team

“We’ve gotten a lot of opportunity to do some research about the show. It’s really cool to look into the history of the building and the program. We also want to pull more students into the COM department and the class.”

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