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Meet Our Crew


Jake Giles
Editor/Technical Coordinator

“I enjoy getting to see new students come in and get a full experience in producing a television program and getting the opportunity to work in a high stress environment. I think our students have strived in a lot of different circumstances and have been able to create a show that does not look like a student produced program.”

Lucie Ashmore
Show Producer

“Having taken the class twice already, both as audio director and director, seeing is now from a producing standpoint is so different. It has opened my eyes to the true background side of things. I’ve always loved working on the show and getting to come back now as a grad is even better.”

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 9.56.11 PM.png
Mary Beth O'Connor
Course Professor & Supervising Producer

"I love teaching the Practicum in Media Communication course because it allows me to work closely with my students. This semester's Practicum students has been a particular privilege because I was able to witness my students overcome so many obstacles due to the pandemic."

Production Team

Deanna Weldon
Camera Operator

"I'm responsible for recording the show as it airs live"

Madelynn Frump
On-Set Assistant Producer

"I help find and research guests for the show as well as create pitches for them to be put in the show. I help the production crew with their practices and live recordings. Being an on set assistant producer is amazing because I get to see everything come together behind the scenes and watch our amazing production crew bring the show to life."

Chloe Mounts
Assistant Producer

"I'm responsible for researching and pitching guest speakers based on their area of expertise. "

Laura Riggle

"I'm responsible for directing the show."

Gretchen Kasper
Camera Operator

"I'm responsible for recording the show as it airs live."

Marisa Gentry
Assistant Producer

"I research potential guests for "The Roundtable Perspectives"! I hunt guests who are accredited in education, have interesting topics they could share, or important messages they want to get across. Once I find these guests, I pitch them to the team. Once we have a guest, I also dig deeper on those people and create shownotes for our host, Tom Roach, to read. My goal as an Assistant Producer is to make this show run smoothly as we find future guests!"

Nathan Marciniec
Audio Director

"I'm responsible for the audio levels of the show while its playing live."

Katerina Bakas
Assistant Producer

"I scout potential guests for "The Roundtable Perspectives", research them, choose a topic, and pitch the ideas to the show producer. Once a guest is confirmed, I help write the show notes for the interviewer. Being an assistant producer allows for a lot of freedom and is an exciting postition to hold.

Social Media Team

Hailey Bengston
Social Media Director

"I'm responsible for directing and overseeing the output of this semester's social media content. She has a strong passion for effective communication, and loves social media marketing because of the way it's facilitated producer to consumer interactions on a more personal level."

Rebecca Magana
Media Manager

"I'm responsible for monitoring the posts and strategies on our Twitter to increase traffic on the page."

Shaza Rana
Media Manager

"I'm responsible for monitoring the social media posts and strategies within our Instagram to boost our following."

Shaina O'Connor
Media Manager

"As the Media Manager, Shaina is responsible for implementing strategies to improve our Facebook page. 

Advertisement Team

Sarah Schoon

"I'm responsible for website design as as creating advertisements."

Xavier Allison

"I'm responsible for the team bios and any website editing which includes grammar, spelling, and syntax."

Joniqua Turner
Leader/Info Collector

"I'm responsible for keeping my team aware of updates and new changes. My goals is to provide successful advertisements and enjoy being a team leader."

Peter Merlo
Info Collector

I'm responsible for getting in contact with crew members and getting the information and photos they'd like presented on the webpage.

Kameran Fleets
Web Designer

"As the designer I'm responsible for website design as well as creating advertisements."

Armand Mares

"I’m responsible for adding the crew bios as well as correcting any typographical errors on the website and adding any descriptions or visuals."

PR Team

Jasmine Flowers
Director of PR

"I'm responsible for managing my public relations team, directing our schedule and ensuring we are promoting the Rountable Perspective and PNW well."

Rahim Evans
Public Relations Specialist

"I write press releases, articles, and conduct feedback anaylsis for Roundtable Prespective."

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